Book a Studio

Book studio in just a few clicks. Choose the service that suits you for one hour or take advantage of some of our promotional packages. You can pay for your request directly online using PayPal or credit card or do so at the facility when we meet.

Our professional sound engineers are at your disposal and you can easily choose professional help in creating your magic.
In addition to the standard service, there are also accessories that you can buy to make your time in our studio as pleasant as possible.

Our study rooms are available in packages from one hour onwards. You can also use some of our Mini and Dome packages and thus save money.

Upon completion of the reservation and payment, a confirmation with all the information about your booking will be sent to your e-mail.

Enjoy creating magic in the best studio in your city and beyond.


What is Nickle Block ?

Nickle Block is a promo package in which you pay 5 hours and get one for free. Valid for all studio rooms.

What is Dime Block ?

The dime block is a 10-hour package and 2 more hours for free. Only available for Silver and Gold studio rooms.

How I can Pay booking ?

You can pay for a studio booking room online using credit cards or via PayPal. If you want to make a payment locally, in order for your booking to be accepted, you need to make a deposit in the amount of $ 50 via the Cash App Aplication. That deposit is non-refundable if you cancel your booking

Can I hire a studio engineer?

Yes. All our studio rooms can be rented with or without an engineer. During the booking process you have the option to choose which engineer you want.

Is there anything extra with booking?

With every service you can buy bottles of water, hookah,BTS footage/content as well as our delicious homemade cakes.

Is there any other services you provide?

Artist development, marketing, production/flim and music distrobution services. With over 14 years in the music business we have the resources to guide you to the right people!


See our Booking policy and get acquainted with the rental conditions of our studio. Let the magic begin.

Red Room

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Silver Room

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Gold Room

Gold control room
Gold Room
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